Our services include:
  • Crisis and emergency project management for international (shipping) companies
  • Risk audit, advise and mitigation for corporate clients including resource exploration companies
  • Security project management for corporate clients
  • Guide and protection services for visitors to ‘remote’ regions
  • Investigation of fraud and illicit trading practices for international corporate clients
THE GROUP NLD™ has unrivalled experience in providing training and education services to governments, corporations, NGO’s, military and law enforcement personnel. Training is delivered by qualified former (Maritime) Special Forces instructors who employ combined doctrines and training methodology derived from contemporary operational experience.
THE GROUP NLD™ provide together with its partners special training facilities. We have a fully equipped Center of Operations & Training Group (COTG) in Germany of 38 hectares. In Uganda, our partner facilitates 7000 hectares of "bush-bush" training area, especially for LRRP (Ranger) training.                   In The Netherlands we do have access to a great training location, called “Jachtslot Mookerheide”, and we are looking for more interesting & challenging facilities.
Training can include but is not limited to:
The Group NLD U.A. is cooperating with its partner THEM International Detection Dog Institute ,           the worldwide K-9 specialist.
Detection dog handler:
  • Explosives
  • Mines
  • Narcotics


Attack dog handler.
  • Basic dog handler
  • Advanced
  • Swat 
  • Detection dogs
  • Attack dogs
Special courses :
  • Personal Security Detail (Close Protection Specialist)
  • Team leader P.S.D
  • Observation   
  • Survival / Recovery  out of area
  • Medic / Emergency Medical Skills
  • Basic and Tactical Fire arms course
  • Mobility out of area training
  • Basic & Advanced “Out of Area’ training Media, NGO’s


  • Maritime Counter Terrorism Course
  • Security Driving
  • Specialist selfdefence
  • Long Range Ranger Patrol course
  • Convoy Protection
  • Military Courses
  • Based on Special Forces Tactics
  •                   -CombatTracking
                      -AdvancedInformation Exploitation (IX)
                      -Marksmanship& Sniper Training
                      -HazardousEnvironments (Jungle, Cold Weather, Desert and Urban)
    Explosive Awareness:
    • Ammunition Awareness
    • Mine Awareness
    • IED Awareness
    • Bomb scout IED/Conventional
    • Team leader bomb scout
    • Booby traps
    • Clearance (explosives and mines)
    • Hook and line

    THE GROUP NLD™ offers consultancy and advise in any form on all the topics within the field of security & special operations. Our highly trained and very experienced advisors offer the option to exchange, evaluate and develop your ideas by presenting their know-how for you to reflect upon. They are the ultimate sparring partner to create the best and most secure solution for your problem. Group seminars can be provided
    • Strategic Security Advice
    We advise governments, corporations and individuals on key security related risks and develops solutions to manage them.

    • Crisis Management and Preparation
    We prepare clients for unexpected events and implements procedures to minimize loss if crisis occurs.

    Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nucleair (CBRN)
    We can offer CBRN specialists to train you (i) in recognizing CBRN events which can lead to undesired hampering of operations, be it military or civilian, and (ii) in applying simple but effective countermeasures in order to mitigate the effects of a CBRN event and minimize these effects with the aim to prevent loss of life or severe injuries of employees and loss of (extreme) expensive equipments.

    -CBRN threat: what is it, where does it come from, what are the risks, the do's and the dont's.
    -Individual protection: protective suits and respiratory protection
    -Detection, Identification and Marking: introduction in detection techniques and devices, handling suspicious compounds and marking of hazardous environments
    -Warning and reporting: introduction in Host land warning and reporting organisations, warning reports, NATO warning and reporting procedures
    -Individual decontamination: basic procedures and principles
    -Medical counter measures.

    • Quality control
    We will provide quality control checks at your company or organization.
    • Scenario training & exercises
    THE GROUP NLD™ offers an exclusive variation of specialist services throughout the security branch. We provide state of the art detection means, highly trained personnel, education & evaluation means and advise on all the topics within the field of security. All services and products are provided tailor made. We provide security for individuals, (multinational) companies, governments and NGO’s, etc.            
    We have gathered a huge network of only the highest professionals with whom we are willing to co-operate.
    Within the field of security personnel we are able to provide on request any of the given specialties:
    • VIP Protection
    • Hostile Environment Close Protection (PSD)
    • Anti Terrorism Activities
    • Long Range Ranger Patrol - Anti Poaching Unit
    • Convoy Protection
    • Compound Security activities
    • Mine Site Security Operations
    • Maritime Security / Counter Piracy Operations
    • Surveillance / Observation
    • Forensic Investigations & fraud prevention
    • Financial Risk Management
    • Detection of goods and property
    • Intelligence services
    • De-Mining, Counter IED and Bomb checks
    • K-9 operations:
      • Explosive detection-, Mine detection-, Narcotic detection-, Human scent-, ID-, Air Cargo dogs
      • Attack dogs
    • Specialized Operations / Projects (not to be defined)